What Can Be Done With a Voltage Regulator (Conjector) Tester?
Thursday, April 1, 2021

What Can Be Done With a Voltage Regulator (Conjector) Tester?

What Can Be Done With a Voltage Regulator (Conjector) Tester?

The voltage regulator, also known as the conjector, is known as the system connector that controls the volts and current for the electricity produced by the alternator. It also creates the potential to stabilize current and voltage as the speed of the vehicle increases. Thus, it provides the opportunity to drive in a healthy way without any malfunction.

What is a Regulator (Conjector)? What Does It Do?

The connector is one of the most important parts of vehicles. It provides adjustment of the electricity generated with the alternator over volts and current. It is available and used as a charger instead of alternator in many vehicles. The connector stands out as a part used to transfer the electricity generated in the alternators of vehicles to the installation section. Thus, it allows the system to remain in a certain voltage limit.

The connector is of great importance in order to provide electricity to the battery, especially with its spark plugs and headlights. Thus, it allows the electricity to be transferred to the vehicle regularly, preventing the battery from running out.

What Can Be Done With a Voltage Regulator (Conjector) Tester?

As Nitro Mechatronics, you can find what you can do with the NM-KC 303 Conjector tester, which is our own production, in the product description section below.

You can also watch the videos of NM-KC 303 connector tester on our www.nitrobilisim.com page.

Device Introduction

NM-KC-303 Voltage Regulator Tester for alternator voltage regulators quickly and easily checks the following parameters of voltage regulators:

- balancing voltage;

- load on the alternator;

 For voltage regulators:

- Protocol type and data exchange rate.

- Errors and their types.


-Defining the voltage regulator ID and error indication for voltage regulators;

-User friendly and easy to use thanks to 4.3 inch color touch screen.


DIMENSIONS (mm) 157 x 85 x 26

WEIGHT (kg) 0.5

POWER SUPPLY 12V battery or 5V / 2A AC / DC



Voltage of tested regulators is 12V.

Tested parameters of voltage regulators

- balancing voltage;

- load on the alternator;

For COM voltage regulators:

- Protocol;

- data exchange rate;

- Identity;

- type of voltage regulator;

- Errors.

Types of voltage regulators tested;


- P-D


- C (Jap)

- C (Cor)



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