What Can You Do With The Siemens ECU Programming Package?
Tuesday, May 19, 2020

What Can You Do With The Siemens ECU Programming Package?

What are IO Terminal Engine ECU Packages?

İO Terminal Siemens Brain Programming Package

İO Terminal Magnetti Marelli Brain Programming Package

İO Terminal Denso Brain Programming Package

İO Terminal Bosch Brain Programming Package

İO Terminal VAG - DSG Electronic Transmission Programming Package

What is IO Terminal Siemens ECU Programming Package? What Can It Do?

With the İO Terimal Siemens brain programming package, it can successfully read and write the Eprom and Flash software of Siemens brains in vehicles such as Opel, Jaguar, Skoda, Seat, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Volvo.

With Siemens ECU programming device SID801, SID801A, SID802, SID803, SID803A, SID804, SID805, SID806, SID201, SID204, SIMOS7.1A, SIMOS6.2, SIM210, SIM22, SIM24, SIM28, SIM29, SIMTEC71.1, SIMTEC75.5 Can read and write software of SIEMENS KEMSCO D3 ECUs.

In addition, the Siemens ECU programming package can read the pin codes in these ECU models and perform the ECU virgin operation. It can perform operations via OBD socket or pin ends without the need to remove Eprom and Flash.

The list of brains that can be processed with the IO Terminal Siemens package;

  • BMW Mini/Rover Siemens EMS
  • BMW Mini/Rover Siemens EMS2
  • BMW Mini Siemens EMS5150
  • KIA/HYUNDAY Siemens SIMK31
  • KIA/HYUNDAY Siemens SIM2K-34VR
  • OPEL SIMTEC 71.1
  • OPEL SIMTEC 71.5
  • OPEL SIMTEC 71.6
  • OPEL SIMTEC 75.5
  • OPEL SIMTEC 81.1
  • Land Rover Siemens SID201
  • Jaguar Siemens SID201
  • Jaguar Siemens SID204
  • VAG Siemens SIMOS 6.2
  • VAG Siemens SIMOS 7.1
  • VAG Siemens SIMOS 7.1A
  • Ford Siemens SIM210 ECU
  • Ford Siemens SIM22 ECU
  • Ford Siemens SIM24 ECU
  • Ford Siemens SIM28 ECU
  • Ford Siemens SIM29 ECU
  • Ford Siemens SID802 ECU
  • Ford Siemens SID803 ECU
  • Ford Siemens SID803A ECU
  • Ford Siemens SID804 ECU
  • Volvo Siemens EMS2000
  • Volvo Siemens SID803 ECU
  • Volvo Siemens SID803A ECU
  • PSA Siemens SID 201
  • PSA Siemens SID 801 ECU
  • PSA Siemens SID 801A ECU
  • PSA Siemens SID 802 ECU
  • PSA Siemens SID 803 ECU
  • PSA Siemens SID 803A ECU
  • PSA Siemens SID 804 ECU
  • PSA Siemens SID 805 ECU
  • PSA Siemens SID 806 ECU

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