What Do Warning Lights In Cars Mean?
Wednesday, April 1, 2020

What Do Warning Lights In Cars Mean?


Automobile users have to pay attention to many issues while using their vehicles. Correct vehicle use is important for people to travel in a healthier and safer way. Everything will be easier when you know what the warning lights in your vehicle mean. You will make it safer not only for yourself but also for other vehicle users. If we explain with a simple example, when you turn right while driving on a straight road in traffic, the vehicle coming behind you will slow down according to you and the risk of accident will be minimized. Or, when your vehicle's temperature lamp warns you, you will stop your vehicle or take it to a mechanic. In this case, it will keep you safe by preventing a possible burning or malfunction of your vehicle.

In this article, we share with you what the warning lamps mean.

Vehicle Warning Lamp Faults and Meanings

1.This warning lamp is a warning light on the screen when the front fog lights are on, which vehicle users generally know.

Means a warning of a fault in the electronic steering system.

Means rear fog lights are on

Means that the glass water or liquid is low or running out

In general, it means that your brake pads are worn and are about to complete their life in vehicles produced after 2000 model.

Means that the cruise control system is active.

It is warning control lights that come on when you signal right or left.

Indicates that there are problems with the lighting system

Means your car goes into winter mode in snowy or cold weather

Means a variety of information about the car and must be read

Means that glow plugs are active and problematic in diesel vehicles

Cold weather also indicates an icy ground or a weather prone to icing.

Means that there is a malfunction in vehicles with a start-stop system.

When you move away from your vehicle with your vehicle key, this warning light will turn on, meaning that the key is far away from the car

Means that the vehicle control battery is low

Means that the following distance needs to be adjusted for safer travel while driving

Vehicles that operate by depressing the brake pedal also mean that you have your foot on the brake pedal or the brake pedal remains locked.

This warning lamp is a warning regarding the clutch system. This warning light may also turn on when the clutch is pressed halfway down.

Means that the steering system is locked

Again, as vehicle users know, it shows that the high beams are on.

Indicates that the air of your tires is low

Dipped headlights can mean that the turn signals or stop lights are active or malfunctioning.

Indicates a problem with the brake lights

Means the outer brake bulb is defective

For diesel cars, it can mean that the particle filter is worn or blocked. If you want to turn off this lamp, first try to use your vehicle for 20 minutes above 3500 rpm. The purpose of this lamp is because you are driving your vehicle at low speed.

Vehicles with trailer coupling are equipped with a plug system to receive electricity to the trailer. This means that the connection has been lost or broken.

It is a malfunction light that lights up on vehicles with air suspension

It lights up to lane changing situations without signaling

Shows faults in the catalyst system

Means seat belt not fastened warning

Lights up when the handbrake is on or when automatic gearboxes are in parking mode.

Shows malfunctions in the battery and energy system

Parking sensors means open. There are vehicles with a new generation automatic parking system.

Means a general breakdown or the need to go to service

It can mean that the headlight is on or it can mean that the high beams are active.

It indicates situations where headlight height adjustment should be made. Lighting angles can also mean distorted.

Indicates that your rear spoiler is open or uneven. Usually found in sports cars

It is a warning light in convertible cars or with a sunroof.

It means that there is a malfunction in vehicles with airbags.

Lights up when the parking brake is applied

If this warning lamp is on when your vehicle runs out of fuel and you buy new fuel, it indicates that there is water in the fuel. It means you are not getting good fuel.

It means your airbag system is turned off. Airbags can be turned off in some vehicles.

It can mean a mechanical problem or an electrical system malfunction.

Shows that the dipped headlights are on

Symbolizes that the air filter is dirty and needs to be replaced.

Indicates that economic mode is active

Indicates that the hill take-off and landing system is active

Indicates coolant problems or the car may overheat. It is an important issue and should be considered

Indicates abs brake system malfunction

Indicates that the fuel filter may be contaminated or defective.

Indicates that any of the doors are open

It is a warning light that indicates that the bonnet is open.

Symbolizes the reduced fuel status

It is found in cars with automatic transmission. It shows that there is a problem in the transmission, this is one of the important warning lamps.

Symbols that the speed limit is exceeded in speed limiting vehicles

Symbolizes problem in the suspension system

Symbolizes low oil level or pressure

Symbolizes that the windscreen resistance is active

This light comes on when the tailgate is open

Symbolizes that the Esp (electronic stability program) system is turned off

Indicates that the rain sensor is active. This warning will appear when it rains in vehicles with sensors.

what check means. The icon varies according to the brand and model. Means engine failure

Means rear window defroster is active

Means that the automatic windscreen wiper is active

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