What is a Diagnostic Tool? What are the Features of the Diagnostic Device?
Saturday, March 27, 2021

What is a Diagnostic Tool? What are the Features of the Diagnostic Device?

What is a Diagnostic Tool? What are the Features of the Diagnostic Device?

The Mercedes brand is one of the building blocks of the developing automotive industry. Advanced fault detection devices are also required for the detection and solution of malfunctions that may occur in vehicles produced based on this advanced automotive technology. At this point, Mercedes has offered a passenger fault detection device and heavy vehicle fault detection device compatible with advanced technology to the service of its users. Firstly, Mercedes C3, Mercedes C4 and finally Mercedes C5 model diagnostic devices were integrated into the developing sector as Mercedes diagnostic device. With Mercedes brand diagnostic devices, it has been designed to easily perform fault reading and deletion operations, parameterization, live value display and many other operations for all Mercedes brand passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles and all heavy vehicle groups. Mercedes, which wants to give its users the experience of using an easy-to-use diagnostic device, also draws attention with the language support it offers for countries. Turkey 'Say device also has support for users of the Turkish language.

Which Diagnostic Device Should I Use?

The Star Diagnostic Connect diagnostic device manufactured by Mercedes can work actively with Mercedes vehicles manufactured after 1991 without any integration problems. Due to the development of the automotive sector, the Star Diagnostic Connect diagnostic device for new vehicles started to be inadequate, depending on the developing technology and developing technology, Mercedes C5 Heavy vehicle, passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles fault detection device is fully compatible with all vehicles. Mercedes company has limited the usage area of ​​its fault detection devices with its own vehicles and has programmed the fault detection devices that it has produced so that they can only operate on their own vehicles.

What are the operations that can be done with the diagnostic device?

The range of operations that can be done with fault detection devices provided by Mercedes services is wide. Some of the operations that can be done with the Mercedes diagnostic device are as follows;

  • System tests,
  • abs, asr, srs, mpl, gm, air conditioner, dasx obd II system tests,
  • Reading fault error codes,
  • Deleting fault error codes,
  • Reading the values ​​live,
  • Making part adaptation detection,
  • It can perform operations such as coding engine, body, chassis and display modules.

What are the Diagnostic Software Software Features?

Diagnostic devices produced for Mercedes vehicles have a strong structure in the field of software as well as in terms of hardware features. Mercedes Diagnostic Device contains error code lists, parts catalog, repair booklets. It varies in terms of the ease of use of fault detection devices. The hardware and software structure offered by some devices may restrict the operation abilities of the users. Ease of use was determined as the primary goal by Mercedes engineers. The language support it offers to countries is also a product of these efforts. Mercedes diagnostic devices are compatible with Windows 7 as the operating system. With the Mercedes C5 diagnostic device, the need to purchase Heavy Vehicle Diagnostic Device, Light Commercial Diagnostic Device and Passenger Diagnostic Tools separately is eliminated. With the Mercedes diagnostic device, all Mercedes branded vehicle types can be easily processed.

Where To Buy Diagnostic Tool?

Nitro Mechatronics, which has been offering a service policy that does not compromise on quality with the products it manufactures and imported products since 2008, offers the best fault detection device and the cheapest fault detection device to the market. In addition, Nitro Mekatronik gains the appreciation of its customers with its strong technical infrastructure and after-sales support.

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