What is a Mercedes ECU Repair Device, How is it used?
Thursday, May 7, 2020

What is a Mercedes ECU Repair Device, How is it used?

Today's vehicles are equipped with electronic systems. The most important of these is the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) engine control unit. The other name of ECU is called engine brain. The engine brain is a unit with a microprocessor that controls all electronic components on the vehicle and the sensors on the vehicle. It is used in vehicle groups such as passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy vehicles, tractors, construction machines. The ECU engine brain determines the torque power produced by the engine by controlling the CAN LINE signals coming from sensors such as crankshaft sensor, air flow meter sensor, turbo pressure sensor to a large extent.It prevents sudden power loss in heavy stresses. This system is used in all vehicles with electronic control units. Since the inside of the brain is equipped with a complex electronic integrated system, it is a difficult task to cause the malfunction in the brain. Mercedes brain repair is now performed in Nitro Mechatronics Garages.

As Nitro Mechatronics, we have been distributing, selling and after-sales technical services of fault detection devices and brain programming devices in the automotive industry since 2009.

Since we know how difficult it is to detect the engine brain malfunction, which is our field, we managed to produce the ECUTEST KF-1500 Brain Test Device after long efforts. With the ECUTEST device, which we have developed more and more every day, you can perform injector test, crank and camshaft input test, immobilizer test and input and output tests of all sensors on the ECU.

By simulating the Mercedes brain repair with the ECUTEST KF-1500 brain tester, you can easily find and repair the malfunction. Under normal conditions, when you take your Mercedes-Benz vehicle to the service, they will tell you that the engine brain of the defective ECU must be changed. As you can imagine, this process will be a very expensive process. ECUTEST KF-1500 brain tester will help to repair the idle engine brain right here, contributing to recycling and your money will remain in your pocket.

Types of Engine Brain (ECU) Used in Mercedes Heavy Vehicle Trucks and Bus Vehicles:

Mercedes Travego Euro 3 TEMIC OM457

Mercedes Travego Euro 3 TEMIC OM502

Mercedes Travego Euro 3 TEMIC OM501

Mercedes Travego Euro 4 TEMIC OM457

Mercedes Travego Euro 5 TEMIC OM457

Mercedes Tourismo Euro 5 TEMIC OM457HLA

Mercedes Travego Euro 5 TEMIC OM502

Mercedes Travego Euro 4 TEMIC OM502

Mercedes Atego Euro 4 TEMIC OM906

Mercedes Atego Euro5 TEMIC OM906

Mercedes Axor II Euro 5 PLD TEMIC WDF375.4 NMB375.4

Mercedes Actros Euro 5 PLD TEMIC

How is Mercedes Brain Repair Performed? How to use the ECUTEST KF-1500 Brain Tester?

Mercedes Brain Repair will perform the test with a simple interface as if the ECU TEST device is connected with the ECU without opening the inside of the ECU, only after the connection is made by means of the diagrams, by entering the e-mail address and password via an online system and testing it on the vehicle by attaching the appropriate socket to the ECU.

If we list these stages, the options I will give below will be like the ones.

All parameters of the vehicle are loaded during the ECU selection and the necessary information is automatically uploaded through the server.

Thanks to the database (created by Nitro Mechatronics) in the server of the selected ECU thanks to the program, the connection diagram of the sockets; will be displayed as photos and videos.

After the connection is made, the voltages, injectors, sensor and valve outputs that need to be taken from the ECU will be reflected on the screen.

If there are errors in the ECU, the values ​​in the parts with errors are shown in red.

When you hover over the errors shown in red, you can view them up to the part number on the diagram.

The only thing you need to do is to replace the faulty integral.

When the errors in the ECU are removed, it will automatically be seen that the red color is corrected on the screen.

With the ECUTEST device, you can view all the values ​​on the simulated ECU as if you were working with the vehicle. You can test on all moving sensors and parameters thanks to a button that acts as an accelerator pedal. Also, with the ECU-Test device, you can see live values ​​in the ECU.

Instead of replacing the control units of the vehicles, there is no need to repair and cost a new ECU.

With the ECU Tester, sensor input and output information, voltage values, required values, measured values ​​can be displayed. With the simulator, the necessary analysis and triggers are made by sending a signal to the control unit over the device.

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