What is Autel MaxiAp AP200 Diagnostic Tool?
Wednesday, April 29, 2020

What is Autel MaxiAp AP200 Diagnostic Tool?

What is the dsg transmission card software update process, how is it done?

We will talk about the device Flex, which we distribute and manufactured by Magicmotorsport, which enables chip tuning applied to vehicles.

You can read, write and make changes to the engine and transmission control units of vehicles with the FLEX programming device.

The transactions we will mention were carried out with the x17 device in the previous periods. However, with the development of vehicle technology, x17 equipment was insufficient in new cars and systems. For this reason, Magicmotorsport has produced the Flex device, which has been arguing for many years.

Flex is much better than the x17 device in terms of hardware, design and speed. The gearbox package is more affordable than the x17.

The chip tuning device is used as FLEX, Master and Slave and is offered for sale. The device allows you to trade online and keeps itself up-to-date with continuous innovations.

It allows you to perform not only Chip Tuning but also DSG Transmission coding, EGR analysis, DPF analysis, Immo analysis.

With Flex, you can read and write the software of DSG Transmission cards. In addition, updating procedures are also carried out.

DSG gearboxes are also the cloning process, which is the biggest problem. With FLEX, you can do the cloning process professionally and without any trouble. In addition to these, Flex also performs your reset and programming operations.

You can perform the operations you want to do by connecting with OBD, and you can professionally perform the brains that need to be read on the desktop with the help of the additional apparatus included in Flex. You can also open the locked brains with the separate apparatus that comes with Flex.

With Flex, you can pull the transmission software of the vehicle you are going to process, regardless of whether it is immersed or not, and transfer it to the other transmission card again.

Flex device is used as Master and Slave. When you receive a master package, you can organize the files yourself, as you wish. One of the most beautiful aspects of the master package is that you can get dealers under yourself.

When using a slave package, your files are closed. You need to edit the files with your master package dealer you are connected to. Our company provides file service to our customers. In other words, we primarily provide file service to our customers who purchase one of the Master or Slave packages.

For this reason, you can start with the Slave package first. If you want to switch from the Slave package to the Master package, you can switch your package to the Master package at any time.

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