What is Auto Expertise, What is the Importance of Fault Detection Device for Auto Expertise?
Friday, June 5, 2020

What is Auto Expertise, What is the Importance of Fault Detection Device for Auto Expertise?

The word expertise is derived from the French word “expert”. This word has been translated into Turkish as an expert and included in daily use. Expert means a person who has technical knowledge on a particular subject.

It means that the masters examine the cars in detail with the diagnostic device and test equipment and give their opinion about them.

The System Auto Appraisal Looks at in Vehicles

Engine test; e test; The power of the engine, the wear rate and the wear condition are checked.

Paint-Bodywork; During this test, the vehicle is checked with the help of fault detection devices, test equipment and technical masters, whether the paint, the bodywork, changed parts, whether there is paint on which parts, whether it is involved in the accident or not.

Engine power (torque) measurement; It is performed to determine how much power the engine produces in each revolution and to show it on the graphic screen. If any revision or modification is made, before and after power values ​​are compared.

Hand Brake Test; Maximum left and right brake forces measurement

Measurement of the contribution of the wheels according to the braking intensity

Left and right wheel difference percentage calculation process

Calculation of brake percentages according to braking intensity

Optional arm strength measurement

Brake system proficiency check according to vehicle weight

Suspension Test; The adequacy of the vehicle in terms of suspension is revealed. The suspension test applied consists of 5 stages:

Minimum holding force of all four wheels

Minimum holding frequency

Tested according to Eusama standards

Weight measurement of each wheel

Vehicle weight measurement

The Importance of the Diagnostic Device

Since all of today's automobiles have more than one electronic control unit, it is difficult to find the malfunctions in these electronic units, but it leads to a waste of time.

Today, there are technological products that make our lives easier in all areas of our lives.

Among these products, the fault detection devices in the automotive test equipment category communicate with the control units on the vehicle and evaluate the positive and negative information from these units and directly tell the defective ecuyu or part on the vehicle. It provides convenience and saves time.

When buying a second-hand car, the seller often reduces the mileage (km) of the vehicle that has covered the over-kilometers in order to sell the vehicle. In order to prevent this situation, which we often encounter, and at the same time, it is possible to find out whether the vehicle is in the original km with fault detection devices. EKSPERTİZ companies and GALERICIAN can learn the vehicle's mileage and other fault information with fault detection devices in the name of service and honesty to their customers.

Most importantly, it is of great importance that we keep pace with the era in the growing automotive industry by developing ourselves and our business, and making money.

For example ; If you cannot find and solve the fault of a model vehicle that comes to your workshop, if a different master provides a solution with a fault detection device, that customer will not come to your workshop again. (There was a loss of customers) there are many similar examples.

In order to avoid these and similar situations, you should use a diagnostic device in your workshop. In this way, by providing the fastest solution to the repair of vehicles coming to your workshop, you will expand your customer potential by providing quality and good service to your customers.

Fault detection device is among the equipment that should be in the workshop. If we want to improve ourselves and our business, provide a good service, and make money, I recommend you to use your fault detection device.

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