What is Computerized Diagnostics?
Saturday, February 29, 2020

What is Computerized Diagnostics?

The malfunctions in old model vehicles were generally mechanical failures, as today's technology progressed, the vehicles improved and the electronic control unit system was used in the vehicle system. Electronic control unit can be popularly called ecu or brain.

All vehicles manufactured after 1999 have an electronic control unit. Thanks to the electronic control unit, errors coming from the modules on the vehicle are displayed on the instrument panel of the vehicle. Vehicles with electronic control units have an obd (on board diagnostic) socket. Obd socket allows us to communicate with modules in the vehicle. We can communicate with modules such as engine, airbag, abs.

How to Troubleshoot?

The priority is always to use the right diagnostic device for the right vehicle.

The communication cable of the diagnostic device must be connected to the vehicle OBD socket.

The vehicle ignition must be switched on in order to troubleshoot in the vehicle.

If the connections are made correctly, the device and the in-vehicle electronic control unit can communicate.

We can scan the system in the vehicle through the program installed on the computer or scan the system module of our choice.

If the system or an error is found, it gives the error as an error code, and there is a description next to the error code.

After fault detection, if there is an error, it can be deleted via ECU. If there is a communication error or temporary failure, the diagnostic device clears the error via ECU.

If the system or module scan does not show an error when it is done again, the operation has been performed successfully. If it gives the same error, it is a permanent failure and needs to be repaired and deleted again after repair.

If the part or sensor on the vehicle is changing in case of permanent failure, it may be necessary to adapt.

NOTE: Not every diagnostic device can perform coding, adaptation and programming.

As today's technology progresses, the automotive industry develops itself. In-vehicle computerized diagnostic devices have become more practical and robust professional devices that keep themselves up-to-date.

Some Diagnostic Devices Are Available On The Link:

Autel Autolink AL301 is a diagnostic device that mostly appeals to end users and masters who do fault reading and maintenance. Diagnostic fault detection can be done easily.

Autel Maxicheck Mx808 fault detection device is conforming to all passenger and light commercial vehicle market in Turkey. You can perform fault detection and many other services and functional operations in a professional and up-to-date manner. One of the devices preferred by the expertise companies shows the original mileage on the vehicle.

Determining the Original Mileage of the Vehicle with the Autel Diagnostic Tool

  • Authorized service devices
  • Passenger diagnostic devices
  • Heavy vehicle fault detection devices
  • Tire pressure Tpms device
  • Tractor diagnostic device
  • Boat fault detection device
  • Brake test moderator
  • Ecu, brain programming device

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