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What is DSG Gearbox? How is the fault detected?

More and more modern sports cars are equipped with high-quality direct gearboxes. Although durable, reliable in a wide variety of sports car models, these automatic gearboxes can suffer from wear and tear or other types of damage Today The most famous and most difficult to repair transmission variants It is a DSG transmission.

What is DSG automatic transmission?

Although they feel almost exactly like the standard automatic transmission, a double clutch is used instead of a single unit in direct shift gearboxes. These too, like any automatic transmission, are supported by the familiar lever or paddle behind the steering wheel. Most DSG automatic gearboxes allow you to put your vehicle in Sport Mode or go in Manual Mode for a standard driving experience.

The main advantage of DSG automatic transmissions is that they allow you to change gears very quickly. This is much faster than conventional or standard automatic transmissions. Thanks to their increased speed and versatility, they are becoming more and more popular for all kinds of sports models.

Which manufacturer uses the automatic DSG gearbox?

Most automakers use reliable DSG gearboxes to their sports models. Practically any sports car with a 6 or 7-speed gearbox uses a fast-acting and flexible direct shift automatic transmission. Many manufacturers use direct gearboxes with brand names. For example:

S Tronic in Audi vehicles

PDK on Porsche vehicles

Dual Clutch Gear on BMW vehicles

All of these automatic transmissions work exactly the same as a standard DSG. The first manufacturer to install a DSG unit was Volkswagen with the Golf Mk4 R32 and soon after Audi with the Audi TT 3.2. Depending on the manufacturer, the names of the gearboxes vary directly, but the operating logic of all of them is the same.

Today, a wide range of vehicles includes the DSG automatic transmission (or direct shift style transmission).

These vehicles can include a 6-speed or 7-speed gearbox. Here are just some of the series that include these components:

Many Audi Series:

Audi A-Class, A3.

Audi S Series, including S3.

Golf GTi and GTD Series.

Seat Sports Models.

Skoda Sports Models

Volkwagen Sports Models.

BMW 3 Series Coup, M3, Z4 (DCT Gearbox).

CitroenC-Crosser (DCS).

Ferrari California.

FordC-Max, Focus, Galaxy, S-Max (Powershift).

MitsubishiEvo X (SST).

Nissan gtr.

Peugeot4007 (DCS).

Porsche 911, Boxster, Cayman, Panamera (PDK).

Volvo C30, S40, V50 (Powershift).


In vehicles with DSG transmission, some of which also have a second reverse gear feature, it actually creates a use similar to double clutch use.

In DSG-type gearboxes, odd-numbered gears and even-numbered gears have separate clutches. Therefore, DSG gearboxes have double clutch.

Speed ​​performance is at the highest level because the gear ranges are shifted quickly.

DSG gearboxes are classified as dry gearboxes.

It is the only transmission variant in the world with two different clutches.

They also have the option of shifting from the steering wheel of the vehicle.

In terms of fuel, it is a more economical transmission type compared to automatic gears.


DSG gearboxes, which can cause overheating problems when used at fixed and high idle, should be rested when the warning lamp lights up.

Some vehicles with DSG gearbox may experience tremors during gear shifts. This may be a software error or a mechanical error. For this reason, if you encounter such a situation, it is useful to go to the service.

In some newly produced vehicles, start-up and clutch problems may arise. Generally, the source of the launch problem is related to the brain assembly of the vehicle, while the source of the clutch problem is the DSG box and usually needs to be replaced.


DSG transmission malfunctions can be recognized from symptoms such as vibration, sound, warning lamp. In some vehicles, DSG failure appears as a takeoff problem. The exact problems of your vehicle The way to find out exactly this is to take your vehicle to a DSG master. Your service will scan your vehicle with a diagnostic device and inform you if the problem is due to DSG failure.

How and Why Does DSG Gearbox Fail?

DSG gearbox is a very fast and efficient transmission as well as a sensitive transmission. The double clutch, which is less durable than a single clutch, is a more susceptible to failure due to its high gear engagement speed. DSG gearbox ratio complaint also states that most of it is Turkey. Volkswagen company explains the reason for this as the variability depending on usage and roads. Normally, when lifting the car from a standstill, we should not press the accelerator too much until it enters the clutch in automatic vehicles. This is to the car's grip

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