WHAT IS EGR? What are EGR Solutions?
Monday, April 2, 2018

WHAT IS EGR? What are EGR Solutions?

What are EGR Solutions?

What are the solutions to EGR valve problems? Thanks to the software applied for EGR analysis, the gases that have not been burned in your vehicle are directly expelled as a result of the EGR valve repair operations. If you say what are the benefits of the solutions of EGR problems, it both extends the life of your engine and increases the power of your vehicle.

WHAT IS DPF? What do EGR analyzes do?

Diesel particle filter is a filter system that helps separation of harmful gases that occur after combustion in new generation diesel engines.

Particle filter repair operations;

First of all, it provides the solution of all the problems you experience due to DPF in your car.

Fuel consumption that has risen drops to its normal level.

Engine fault light due to Dpf congestion will come to an end.

The problem of diesel mixing with engine oil is eliminated.

You will not have Egr and Egr cooler problems that may be caused by Dpf congestion.

Nitro Bilişim Turkey as the official distributor of IT companies that have produced the Magicmotorsport we can write new Magpro2 X17 can read the ECU information and make changes with the changes that the DPF Off ECU, EGR, etc. Adblue. With magpro2, you can communicate seamlessly with any ECU and while doing these operations, it preserves the current information of the vehicle and offers all the possibilities to prevent the vehicle from collapsing.

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