What is Ford VCMII Diagnostic Tool?
Friday, March 6, 2020

What is Ford VCMII Diagnostic Tool?

Ford VCMII diagnostic device is a diagnostic device used in Ford authorized services and special services. With the Ford VCMII diagnostic device, you can perform detailed diagnostics on Ford passenger cars and commercial vehicles. In addition, you can perform diagnostics on brands such as Land Rover and Jaguar using Ford engine and perform all active tests. You can perform Diesel Particulate Filter regeneration with Ford diagnostic device and perform DPF analysis when necessary. Also, with Ford VCM2 device, you can successfully perform key coding operation on vehicles before 2010 model without requiring a password. VCMII device allows you to connect with vehicles easily and quickly with its automatic chassis number recognition feature in Ford vehicles. You can also read and delete detailed fault codes in Ford vehicles. You can update the current ECU software with the VCMII device. You can program and install a new ECU to eliminate the problems in the ECU. You can also test, update and re-install modules such as PCM, ABS, Instrument panel, Airbag, Fuel pump with Ford device. With Ford VCMII IDS device, you can successfully perform injector coding, steering angle reset, speed limiter adjustment and speed limit removal, air flow meter sensor test, ignition system test, transmission test throttle adaptation tests, cruise control test, speed regulator tests. .

With the Ford VCM2 device, you can perform diagnostics on Mazda, Land Rover, Jaguar, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles other than Ford vehicles.

Which program does the Ford VCM2 diagnostic tool work with?

Ford diagnostic tool works with IDS software. Thanks to the IDS software, you can perform all diagnostic procedures, adaptation and calibration procedures, injector coding, module introduction, as well as instant data recording, and active tests of all equipment on the vehicle in a fast and discreet way. You can also check the status of your device and make new updates for your device with the Bosch VCI Manager program installed on your computer with the IDS software.

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