What is Istanbul Chip Tuning Application? Where is it done?
Tuesday, November 24, 2020

What is Istanbul Chip Tuning Application? Where is it done?

What is Chip Tuning? Our short and clear answer to the question can be called software changes on the engine of the vehicle. All controls on the vehicle engine are carried out through software. In addition to the adjustments such as fuel saving of the vehicle, regulations related to engine power are also made by this software editing process. This process is provided by Tuning.

You have the chance to examine the changes that occurred after the transactions made in the vehicle list section on our site. This arrangement, which is chosen as a priority for fuel saving, is preferred in processes such as speed limiting and power reduction, as well as increases in engine power. In other words, if the correct software update is not made, your vehicle may not have the changes you want.

Why Is Chip Tuning?

Chip Tuning is an application that is very attractive to vehicle users, which has become today's fashion.

Low traction in your vehicle, excess fuel burning, etc. If you have problems such as, or if you want to strengthen your vehicle's horsepower even more, you can perform chip tuning.

How is Chip Tuning done?

After visiting our garage, Autel, Launch etc. With our diagnostic devices, first of all, the vehicle's fault diagnosis is made. After making sure that there is no factor against the software in the vehicle, the vehicle software stage is started. First of all, our expert team is connected to our FLEX device from the OBD input of your vehicle and the original file of the vehicle is taken from the brain.

After the original file of the vehicle is received, the file is sent to our software team. Our software team increases the performance of your vehicle with the software from the brain maps of the vehicle and saves fuel.After the file is processed, it is thrown back to our garage team and the software file of the vehicle is loaded back to the vehicle with our FLEX device.

After the installation is completed, a malfunction is detected again and the software is checked and the vehicle is tested again after any malfunctions or errors are not seen, the process takes an average of 45-60 minutes. After the chip tuning is done, the performance of your vehicle will increase and it will allow you to burn less fuel.

Is Chip Tuning Harmful?

One of the most curious questions is whether this operation has damaged the vehicle. Since the original software was backed up before the arrangements were made, you do not have a question mark in your mind about returning to its original state, and in fact, after the Tuning work, your vehicle has become what it should be. You get a healthier efficiency with both fuel saving and engine power adjustments. In other words, this process, which does not harm your vehicle, enables you to get a better efficiency and at the same time extends the life of your engine.

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