What is Scania Diagnostic Device and Where Is It Used?
Friday, May 8, 2020

What is Scania Diagnostic Device and Where Is It Used?

Scania VCI3 diagnostic device is the new generation diagnostic device of heavy vehicles. If we count them, it is the diagnostic device used in trucks, buses and Scania brand industrial engines. It can establish the connection between the Scania VCI 3 device and the vehicle and the computer via usb cable. Among the most important features of the Scania VCI 3 device, it has the ability to read, delete and control the malfunctions of electrical control units such as engine, gearbox, ABS, electronic body module in vehicles. In addition, service maintenance operations can also perform adaptation, coding, DPF regeneration. In addition, it can perform operations such as compression injector test, cylinder compression test, maximum friction change. Thanks to this device, it is a device that incorporates all these features and can perform all the operations listed above completely.

Scania is the latest version used in diagnostic systems and is compatible with all series of SDP3 software and is a diagnostic device that performs diagnostic procedures in new generation vehicles. Compatible with X-COM software except SDP software. The VCI3 diagnostic device provides you the opportunity to make changes in all parameters by taking all the information on the SOPS data after connecting to heavy vehicles.

Thanks to this device, you can establish a connection in your vehicle and introduce you to the problems in the vehicle in detail and repair it after finding the fault quickly. The biggest difference between this device and the VCI2 device is that it supports the new generation Euro 6 vehicles, and it is light and useful in all models that support special operations such as extinguishing the service maintenance warning. Thus, it is a fault detection device that will make your work easier both in terms of installation and being portable.

Its technical features are;

Read fault code - delete

Live Valuable Viewing

Scania Adblue Solutions

Scania Speed ​​Limit Change

Scania Torque Increase

Scania Calibration Upload

Turkish Language Option

Scania Chip Tuning

Scania Brain Programming

It includes technical features such as.

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