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Shock absorber is one of the suspension parts of the vehicle. Shock absorber is considered as a component that minimizes the shaking and increases comfort in the vehicle. The suspension system is the main element that absorbs the stiffness caused by road defects and carries the load of the vehicle. If we come to the main task of shock absorbers. The main task of the shock absorbers is to reduce the oscillation of the springs and to prevent the driver from losing control and the road holding of the tires by springing repeatedly when the pit is dropped and when a mound is passed. In short, the system that prevents the vehicle from being thrown while the vehicle passes through bumpy or dented grounds on the road is the shock absorber system.

Although the shock absorber is small, it is a very important part for motor vehicles and should be maintained in great detail. Shock absorbers vary according to the model and chassis of the vehicles.

What Are Shock Absorber Malfunctions?

Often the fault with shock absorbers is oil leakage at the bottom of the spring of the shock absorber. Oil leakage problem damages the suspension system of motor vehicles. If there is a break in the shock absorber spring of the vehicle, different malfunctions may occur in the vehicle because the suspension in the vehicle becomes weak and any malfunction will be easy to occur.

How to Care for Shock Absorbers?

Shock absorber maintenance is very important for the vehicle. The effect of the shock absorber is quite high to ensure the safe driving of the vehicle, to extend the life of the vehicle and to provide both passenger and driver comfort. Shock absorber maintenance is checked frequently. If a situation such as oil leakage or rupture is encountered in the shock absorber springs, it should be changed or repaired immediately.

Driving comfortably with the vehicle used by the driver, hearing less external sounds coming from outside, is the part that makes the damage to the vehicle less felt by the road. This situation is related to the fact that the shock absorber is well-maintained.

How are shock absorber tests done?

It may be time to replace the shock absorber, which looks normal from the outside, which does not leak oil. Most of the time, we are not aware of this. In order to test this on the vehicle, it is necessary to drive the vehicle in a completely isolated place and listen to the sound, and the test performed in this way does not give completely healthy results. In order for the shock absorbers to be fully tested, they must be disassembled and subjected to durability and flexibility tests. For this, shock absorber test devices that measure the flexibility and durability of the shock absorber have been developed.

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