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The steering manages the system consisting of parts that help the vehicle move in the desired direction.

Generally, the steering wheels look like a simple circle, but new generation vehicles can also contain keys that manage the sound system, vehicle systems and some other parts. The connection of the steering wheels with the vehicle wheel is provided by a shaft. There are threaded rods on these shafts and the gear wheel on the wheel rotates with the movement of these rods and the wheel is directed by the movement of this wheel.

What is Hydraulic Steering?

With the development of the sector of automobile companies, the number of power steering has increased considerably. The most distinctive feature of power steering is the lightness felt when cornering. The main purpose of the hydraulic system is to turn the steering wheel without getting tired of the driver. In the operation of this system, the oil pumping function comes into play. This type of steering wheel has a lot of parts. This situation leads to an increase in weight, taking up more space and also quite a lot of cost. In addition, automatic parking brake and lane tracking system cannot be applied in power steering.

What is Electric Steering System?

We can say that this system, which is spreading rapidly in new generation vehicles, has actually replaced the hydraulic steering system. The main reason for the widespread use of electric steering is that the vehicle provides low fuel consumption and the maintenance cost is less because it consists of fewer parts.

What Are The Parts Of The Steering Wheel?

The most essential part of the steering wheel is the steering wheel. Apart from that, other parts of the steering wheel; It consists of parts such as steering shaft, shock absorber, hydraulic pump, steering knuckle, idler arm, gear box, etc.

What Are The Advantages Of Electric Steering System?

Electric power steering allows the vehicle to consume less fuel. Apart from that, they consist of fewer parts and therefore lower maintenance costs. Its structure is very simple, it is the lightest steering wheel and takes up less space in the vehicle. Your driving safety is better with this type of steering wheel.

Steering System General Description

Steering box means that the steering wheel and steering wheel work together. Without either of these two, the steering system will not function properly. These two parts allow the front wheel to be directed to the right and left sides with the circular motion we make on the steering wheel. The steering wheel assembly process is very easy because many brands are made to fit many models.

Steering System Malfunctions

Malfunctions that occur in the steering system are generally malfunctions such as the sound of different sounds while the steering wheel is turned, the steering wheel becomes hard and difficult to turn, and the steering gap increases considerably. Apart from that, there are also malfunctions caused by the deterioration of the front arrangement settings.

Power Steering System Malfunctions

This type of steering malfunction is usually noticed by the noise from the steering oil pump while the engine is running. Among the hydraulic steering system malfunctions; There are malfunctions such as breaking or loosening of the connecting belt of the oil pump, as well as lowering of the steering oil (if the oil level decreases, the steering symbol malfunction lamp lights up on the vehicle display, the steering wheel becomes stiff), and the sound when the steering wheel is turned

Effects That Make It Difficult To Turn The Steering Wheel On The Vehicle

1-The most well-known effect of this situation is that the vehicle usually goes at a standstill or very slowly. The main reason for this is that the vehicle tire rubs against the ground. In this case, the steering is quite stiff. And the force required to turn the steering wheel increases. As the speed increases, the force applied to turn the steering wheel decreases.

2-Vehicle weight is another effect that makes it difficult to turn the steering wheel. In general, heavy vehicles (trucks, trucks, construction equipment ...) load is quite high, so turning the steering wheel is more difficult than passenger cars. The main reason for this situation is the high pressure applied by the tire to the ground.

3-Wide tires cause more force to be consumed while turning the steering wheel.

This and many other reasons make it difficult for the steering wheel to turn.

How to Repair Steering?

It is of high importance for the country's economy to fix the malfunction of the steering boxes and bring them back to the market. Revision of old and spoiled products and bringing them to the market positively affect the national wealth.

While repairing the steering wheel, first of all, the broken part must be detected. In order to carry out this process, that is, to perform the fault localization effectively and healthily, test devices and test benches that can do this are needed. After the fault localization of the steering boxes is made with these test devices, the detected part must be replaced with a new one or the defective part must be repaired.

 Steering Wheel Repair With Which Device?

For the repair of these parts, Nitro Group company brought another innovation to the sector and signed another distributorship with MSG for the repair of the steering box. MSG firm AIt is manufactured in Europe and it is CE certified. Thanks to the steering wheel fault detection devices produced by MSG, you can easily repair and maintain steering malfunctions. You can also perform steering wheel calibration with MSG Steering Wheel Test Devices.

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