What is TPMS?
Saturday, March 7, 2020

What is TPMS?

Tpms, tire pressure monitoring system, is the system that instantly checks the values of the in-vehicle tires and reports them to the driver. This system, which started to be produced in 2006, has been used in many vehicles and has become widespread in vehicles of 2014 and above.

Benefits of Tpms Sensor on Vehicle

It reduces the risk of accidents

Keeps vehicle performance steady

Provides pressure warnings in the tire

It gives the leakage air formed in the tires.

What is TPMS Sensor Failure?

In 2014 and after, generally all vehicles have tpms sensors. Tire manufacturers' fearful dream Tpms malfunction has become widespread today. In some vehicles, the tpms sensor failure does not work in some vehicle groups, although the fault light is reset on the indicator. Generally, it is recommended to check the tire pressure when the tpms sensor fails. The tpms fault light may turn off after advancing 3, 4 kilometers. If the tpms fault light still does not go out, the tpms sensor on the tire may be defective.

How is TPMS Sensor Coding and Calibration Performed?

The Tpms sensor is located in the tire pressure valve or rim. These sensors communicate with the electronic control unit. Tpms sensors contain batteries inside. The sensor in each vehicle can be used actively for an average of 5 years, and after 5 years, the sensor must be changed and coded. Apart from battery life, sensors may malfunction for different reasons and may need to be replaced. Since Tpms sensors are not repaired, replacement is required. Before the change is made, the ID information must be read in the old tpms sensor and then transferred to the new sensor. After these operations, the direct failure may not go out. Calibration and adaptation processes need to be done.

TPMS failures, which are still common today, have become common. With Tmps diagnostic devices produced by Autel, tpms faults are solved more easily and reliably.

Autel TPMS Diagnostic Devices

With Autel Tpms diagnostic devices, it is possible to solve Tmps faults more easily and reliably.

TS508 is a new generation Tpms diagnostic and service tool. Ts 508 activates the sensors, reads the sensor status, checks the Tpms fault status, provides programming and adaptation of the sensors.

The device has two service modes, thanks to these mode options you can save time and energy.

Quick Mode: Used to control Tpms sensors and program mx sensors quickly.

Advanced Mode: Used for sensor check, tpms diagnostics, mx sensor programming, and re-diagnose sensor location

TPMS Diagnostics and Tpms sensors

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