Passenger Cars

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OF68 Universal Car Emulator

Of68 Universal Car Emulator is designed to eliminate immobilizer, seat occupancy (airbag) and tachograph malfunctions in vehicles.
2-5 work days

OF80 Universal Car Emulator IMMO

SQU Of80 universal vehicle emulator is a unique emulator designed to override some faults and systems found in passenger cars and light commercial cars.
2-5 work days

Julie Platinum Universal Emulator

Julie Platinum emulator immo is a professional emulator designed for seat occupancy, esl column lock, canbus display clocks on desktop and tachograph malfunc...
2-5 work days

Julie Universal Emulator

Immo Emulator Programs: VW automatic immo OFF, VW automatic immo ON, VW without CAN, VW- Hitachi VW -Valve Code , VW EDC15immo OFF (single use) etc.
2-5 work days
Nitro Mekatronik

Renault ESL / ELV Column Lock Emulator

Renault ESL / ELV Emulator, produced by Nitro Mechatronics, can handle most Renault vehicles. There is no need for any calibration process to use the Renault...
2-5 work days
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