How is Apm Module Test done in Mercedes Vehicles?
Tuesday, January 5, 2021

How is Apm Module Test done in Mercedes Vehicles?

How to Test Apm Module Used in Mercedes Actros Brand Vehicles?

The air brake system used in heavy vehicle vehicles is a type of brake system where air generating vehicles convert the air into mechanical power with the command from the brake pedal and stop. After the air dryer system is changed on vehicles with this brake system, apm (air processing center) module coding test is performed.

Apm module testing, which has been a problem in many heavy vehicles such as Mercedes Actros vehicles for years and only authorized services can find solutions, is now easily performed with the fault detection devices produced by Jaltest and the NM FT-01 Brake Test Simulator device developed by Nitro Mechatronics.

Apm Module Test with Jaltest Diagnostic Device

With the Jaltest Diagnostic Device, the brake system of all heavy vehicle group vehicles can be intervened. After running the program with the Jaltest device, selecting the vehicle and communicating with the vehicle, the system parameters recorded on the apm are saved to the computer. After the vehicle is selected on the parameters menu, the calibration files read on the vehicle are saved to the computer and apm changes are made on the vehicle. After this change, the calibration file saved to the computer should be overwritten with the new apm again. For this process, the connection with the vehicle is re-established and the saved file is selected from the parameters menu with the option to copy to ecuya, ie the electronic control unit. Air dryer calibration is required on the vehicle after file writing. After all operations, the air dryer calibration process is performed by entering the calibration menu from the jaltest fault detection device.

NM FT-01 Brake Test Simulator

NM FT-01 Brake Test Simulator device is also designed to test heavy vehicle brake modulators as if they were on the vehicle. The brake simulator bench allows the heavy vehicle brake modulators to be easily tested after repair. In this way, it saves time and labor for its users by testing the modulator after repair without being attached to the vehicle. You do not need an external air circuit since this device, where you can test the air circuits of brake modulators and damper valves, has its own compressor.

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