Benefits of Chiptuning in Volvo Heavy Vehicles
Thursday, June 11, 2020

Benefits of Chiptuning in Volvo Heavy Vehicles

Benefits of Chiptuning in Volvo Heavy Vehicles

Chiptuning is done to increase the Performance of the Vehicle and save fuel by interfering with the software in the Electronic Control Units (ECU) of the vehicles Chip tuning is the electronic control of a car or other vehicle to achieve superior performance, be it more power, cleaner emissions or better fuel efficiency. replacing or replacing an erasable programmable read-only memory chip in the control unit.

It offers a wide service network with vehicles such as Volvo Truck, which is the most used heavy vehicle brand in our country, and construction equipment.

However, for the users, it is at the beginning of the process they want to make the most effective way to increase vehicle performance and save fuel.

Although Heavy Vehicles Vehicles vary according to the conditions of the countries, they are put into service with a certain speed and power usage.

However, in cases where this hardware is deemed insufficient, the software in the electronic control unit is intervened. It is possible to save fuel by increasing the power and torque limitation.

What is Chiptuning?

Chiptuning can take the form of removing the original Chip and replacing it with a new Chip or by interfering with the existing software of the vehicle and transferring the new software to the engine control unit. It is the process performed by intervening in the more preferred and low cost Software. With the Dimsport Transdata Slave ECU Programming Device offered for sale in Nitro Mekatronik store, this process is done very easily and healthily by interfering with the existing software of the vehicle.

With this device, it is possible to read and write the software directly via OBD without removing the engine ECU cover of your Volvo Heavy Vehicle vehicle.

In cases where a connection cannot be established via OBD, operations can be performed via BDM, Boot, Jtag, NBD and DAM mode.

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