How to reset the tablet in Autel diagnostic devices?
Saturday, March 16, 2019

How to reset the tablet in Autel diagnostic devices?

How to Reset Tablets in Autel Diagnostic Devices?

Fault detection devices and industry in Turkey in the field of testing equipment leading companies with Nitro Informatics, developed every day specialist staff with innovative infrastructure and widespread network with the valuable users is committed to always providing the highest quality service. Since 2018, the company generated that Autel all diagnostic devices and sensors, tire pressure sensors and one of these programs and devices in the hands of the official Turkey maintains Distrübitörlüg.

In this article, we will tell you how to reset your Autel Tablets. We recommend that you back up the information and documents you saved before resetting your tablets, as everything you save to the tablet will be deleted after the reset.

After the backup process is completed, we can proceed to the tablet reset phase;

The first thing you will do is to tap the "Settings" option on the home screen of your tablet.

In the next menu, we tap the '' Backup and Reset '' option under the '' Personal '' tab and tap the '' Factory Data Reset '' option on the right.

In the next screen, if you want to delete the memory card, we tick the "Erase SD Card" option and say "Reset Tablet" from the bottom.

On the next screen, we select the "Erase Everything" button and reset our tablet.

After this process, our tablet will restart.

Then, by entering the "Settings" section again, we activate the Wi-Fi connection from the "Wi-Fi" section and connect our tablet to a wireless network. Since our tablet was previously active, we do not need to enter a username and password again after this stage.

After this process, we run the "MaxiCheck" program on the tablet's home page. After running the program, we come to the "Update" section on the page that opens.

First, we install the update named '' System Program ''.

Next, we install the '' LibComm '' update.

After the "LibComm" update, we restart the "MaxiCheck" program. After the updates, you can use the MaxiCheck program with Turkish language support.

After System Updates, it is time to install the latest updates about the vehicles.

Thanks to the "Update All" option in the upper left corner, you can make all updates with One-Click without wasting time. After the tablet reset, an average of 42 vehicle updates are made. Your update time takes approximately 2 hours. This time may be longer or shorter depending on your internet speed.

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