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Sometimes it is necessary to cut off the power transmission between the engine and the wheels. It clutch this task too. The more the clutch pedal is depressed, the more power transmission between the engine and the wheels is interrupted. When the clutch is fully depressed, the transmission of the rotational power is completely interrupted.


There are 3 different gearbox types. Manual, Semi-automatic and automatic.


Manual transmission is the most used type of transmission today. In manual transmission, the gear is changed manually by the person driving the vehicle. Clutch assembly is also used much more in manual transmission. Because when the person driving the vehicle is shifting manually, the clutch must be pressed first and the power transmission from the engine to the wheels must be cut. After the clutch is depressed, the gear is shifted and the clutch is released. Once the clutch is released, the power level at the new gear level is transmitted to the vehicle's undercarriage.


Semi-automatic transmission, also known as DSG (Dual Shift Gear Box), was first used in racing cars. Later, when it was noticed that semi-automatic transmissions increased vehicle performance, they started to be used in normal vehicles. Semi-automatic transmission vehicles have two crankshafts. While the first of these crankshafts provides the transition to the 1st, 3rd, and 5th gears, the other crankshaft provides the transition to the 2nd, 4th, and 6th gears.

The latest semi-automatic transmissions provide support up to 7th gear and are produced without oil. That's why they are called dry gearboxes and do not need an oil change.


The working principle of automatic transmission is, as the name suggests, transmission systems in which the gear is changed automatically. When shifting is required, the gearbox and torque converter take care of shifting.

Compared to manual transmission, automatic transmission provides much more comfortable driving comfort. The gearbox where the driver does not shift with the gear lever and does not press the clutch pedal and the gear shifts are made automatically is called automatic gear in general. There is no clutch pedal and gear shifting is done automatically by the gearbox control unit.


Transmission oil is very important in automatic vehicles, the durability of the transmission oils must be resistant to high temperatures because over time, the bearings in the gearbox, the separators of the bushings wear out, the gearbox will burn the lining when it is worn, you will experience the problem of quality oil, poor quality oils generally foam and foaming oil makes the conductivity difficult in the hydraulics, so there may be shifts in gear shifts and this is very important. . The gearbox can sometimes cause more dangerous situations than the engine, sometimes it can cause much more costs than the engine.

If the transmission oil maintenance is done properly, such problems will not be experienced in your vehicle and your transmission will be long-lasting. For this, gearbox oil maintenance should be done in appropriate pediodes at times. 40 According to the approximate 50 thousand km weather conditions in Turkey gearbox oil is made up because changes can determine this period you look at the manual of your own vehicle.

Transmission oil change is done manually by transmission masters.

The maintenance done in this way does not fully serve its purpose. Oil in the sump of the transmission oil cannot be completely emptied, so the cleaning of the gearbox cannot be done completely. For this reason, transmission oil change devices are used by services that professionally perform gearbox maintenance.

Thanks to the Automatic Transmission Oil Changing Machine produced by Launch company, it is now very easy to change the transmission oil.

With this device, you can easily change the oil of vehicles with automatic transmission. In the past, it was not possible to change the transmission oils completely, there were residues in the oil tank, but with the CAT 501-S Automatic Transmission Oil Change machine, all of these operations can be done automatically without any oil residue.

Thanks to this device, the gearbox life is extended, the cleaning of the inside of the gearbox is fully ensured.

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